Meeting the Requirement

IPPS Final Rule

The Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS)  final rule for FY 2019 requires that hospitals make public a list of their standard charges.  CMS has provided no guidance as to what constitutes a list of standard charges that encourages consumer friendly communication and  price transparency.  Patients want to know what out-of-pocket costs will be and are less interested in the cost of individual supplies or drugs utilized.

CMS clearly points out

Hospitals are required to make public a list of their "standard charges".  Per the final IPPS rule, facilities are not required to post their chargemasters.  It is also clear that the information should be consumer friendly communication.  

Annual Update

The information must be updated annually, or more often as appropriate.  For hospitals that have a different fiscal year end, this information may need to be updated more frequently.